Life in Berlin

It is very hot here! The temparture is over 30 degree! In the morning time, it was about 17 degree, but around noon, it`s getting increasing and now 33 degree.
People in Berlin are basing under the sun without sun-shade and hat, I cant believe that!

rin-roro sama,
I wish I could write Japanese,,, oder in Deutsch `cause I am in Berlin.
Yes, I enjoy THE life in Berlin so much! In Berlin, there is a real Man-kind life.

My poor English... thank for your information!
This weekend, BPO in waldbühne is setting. I will watch it on TV. I did not know, there are many events in Waldbühne.How happy people in Berlin are!

Yes! As you said, some words position are different and some unknown words are on. Specially, position of "Y" and "Z" are anoying me a lot.
by felice_vita | 2007-06-11 22:01 | 日々雑記
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